Cyprus property market has been experienced dramatic changes the last two decades. From the market booming to the complete market depression.

The Cyprus property crisis followed the international property and banking crisis. The said environment has made all of us more sophisticated and more demanding.

The new laws launched gave us the power to develop new property law and find solutions even for the most complicated property transactions.

Our company’s partner Mr. Loucas Louca has rich experience in the property and real estate sector having been involved in multi-complicated transactions.

We provide the following:

  • Drafting of contract of sales.
  • Drafting of assignment agreements.
  • Drafting of tenancy agreements.
  • Drafting of power of attorneys.
  • Provide property search.
  • Provide tax clearance.
  • Attend to the land registry office.
  • Applying for the council of ministers’ permit.
  • Applying for the issuance of separate title deeds.
  • Monitoring and coordinate the procedure for the issuance of separate title deeds.
  • Drafting distribution agreements.
  • Drafting the memorandum for communal buildings.
  • Drafting wills.
  • Administration of estate.
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